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Surf Camp Costa Rica

Surfing in Costa Rica for the FIRST TIME EVER I’m a warm-water girl. I even wear a shorty wetsuit wakeboarding in the California Delta. In July. Some might say sissy and they could be right. But I do snowboard & ski in all weather and temperatures; it’s just the water thing. It’s so…everywhere. So, even […]

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Bob Pollard Memorial Surf Contest

The 3rd Annual Bob Pollard Surf Memorial went off this past Sunday on a beautiful 60 degree fall day. The event was a testament to the strength of the grassroots surf culture that we’re so lucky to be a part of here in New England. Light offshores and a knee high longboard swell brought out […]


New England Skimboard Contest Series Underway

The first stop of the 2012 Northeast Skim Tour in Charlestown RI was an excellent introduction to the caliber of competition that we can expect through the rest of the summer. The 4 man final was decided by 1.5 points between first and last place, local boys Mike Dowdell and Paul Cross ended in a […]